Oley Township Municipal Authority

The O.T.M.A. was established in the early 1970’s. At that time the plans and design of the system were made, the system went on line in the mid 1970’s. The O.T.M.A. purchased the water system from the Oley Water Co. in the 1980’s and began providing this service at that time. The Board Members of the Authority are appointed by the Township Supervisors for a 5 year term. The Municipal Authority meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at the Oley Township Building at 7:00PM.

Contact the Municipal Authority at OleyTownship@hotmail.com.

Download the 2015 Drinking Water Quality Report.

Our current Board Members are
Deborah Hannum
– Secretary

Michael Schaeffer
– Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

Amandus Reichert
– Vice Chairman

Paul Herb
– Chairman

John Felix
– Treasurer
Other personnel:
– John E. Muir, Esquire of Kozloff Stoudt

– Spotts, Stevens and McCoy

Office Secretary
– Shirley Moyer

The Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Water Company are maintained and operated by Michael Eshbach and Craig Conrad.

Our water rates are $7.00 per thousand gallons, with a ten thousand gallon minimum. Sewer rates are $12.00 per thousand gallons, with a ten thousand gallon minimum.

Our Wastewater Treatment plant is located on Tollhouse Rd. in the Pleasantville area of Oley Township. We also have 1 remote sewage pumping station, located at the Meadow View subdivision.

Our water is provided by 4 deep water wells, located in various parts of the Township. Water treatment is done at each well. After treatment, the water then gets pumped to our 225,000 gallon storage tank located off of Lake Rd. for distribution to our customers. The water system also provides fire protection to our community from our 61 fire hydrants.
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